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Klickity manufactures striking interior accessories with a creative and contemporary focus. Formed in 2010, the award winning Dublin based company’s designs are unique, affordable and manufactured in Ireland.

Klickity enlisted SCIGRIP to assist in the development of a new product range called ‘KLIP’. Designed as a modular noticeboard with hexagonal, polypropylene discs, KLIP can be fitted together in a variety of patterns and designs.

It became apparent during the prototyping phase that a specialist adhesive would be necessary to bond the individual discs effectively. Manufactured using polypropylene, this substrate is a notoriously difficult surface to bond with as it repels rather than attracts adhesives. The self-adhesive dots that were being used to successfully bond Klickity’s other non-shear applications were failing on the KLIP product where shear resistance was required.

Action Adhesives, SCIGRIP’s Irish distributor, was able to provide Klickity with a solution using their adhesive PPX5. Dubbed the Ultimate Plastic Bonder, PPX5 is a methyl methacrylate adhesive (MMA) that has been specially developed to provide a tough resilient bond to low energy surfaces such as polypropylene with no special pre-treatment. PPX5’s low exotherm was perfectly suited to the KLIP product in order to prevent the substrate deforming during curing of the adhesive.

A series of test bonds were conducted by Action Adhesives with Klickity’s polypropylene samples to ensure absolute success in the substrate’s performance.

“PPX5 really was the only workable solution for the KLIP product range. No other adhesive we had trialled performed so successfully. It is quick and easy to apply, and functions to the highest standard” commented Kate Cronin, Industrial Designer and Founder of Klickity.

Key Features of PPX5

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