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The Solar 1 Monte Carlo Cup 2015 is a carbon free, nautical race that generates some of the most innovative solar powerboat designs using composite technologies. It took place on the 9th - 11th July and attracted entrants from all over the world.

During the race, SCIGRIP hosted a Repair Station in the Paddock area of the Yacht Club de Monaco. This facility proved invaluable to many of the competitors and the SCIGRIP team was kept extremely busy completing in excess of 12 complete boat repairs during the three day event.

Once such example is the Dutch team VHL who suffered a very serious set-back on day one of the competition. Upon removing their boat from the water after the first race they discovered a circular, stress crack in the gel coat on the underside of the carbon fibre hull indicating a fairly significant failure in the structure.

Unfortunately the boat’s motor and propeller were beginning to drop through the bottom of the boat. This was most likely due to weight distribution and vibration. After an initial inspection, SCIGRIP was able to offer the following Repair Plan.

The most immediate task was to halt the progress of the crack. The SCIGRIP Repair Team achieved this by drilling 2 holes at each end of the hull to stop the damage progressing.

These drill holes were then filled with SCIGRIP’s specialist epoxy repair stick, EPS842. The VHL team then proceeded to ‘Vee out’ the damaged regions and the SCIGRIP team then filled these gaps with SG5000-06, a high strength 1:1 mix ratio structural MMA adhesive. This multi-purpose, easy to use product bonds easily to most materials with very little surface preparation. It also features a rapid and adjustable cure time. When this stage of the repair was complete, the hull was reinforced and water tight once again.

The SCIGRIP team then turned their attention to the most critical issue, the repositioning of the motor and propeller inside the vessel.

Four strengthening plates were constructed to bridge and support the entire propulsion unit. The SCIGRIP Repair Team began this task by applying a surface conditioning agent A016 to clean and degrease the area and provide increased adhesion. The aluminium strengthening plates were then secured across the unit using SCIGRIP’s SG300-05 and then embedded into the product and tooled off around the edges. This provided a strong and now vibration resistant structure. The team’s final task was to sand the fully cured external repair on the hull.

The entire repair took around 45 minutes to complete and the VHL boat was back on the water and competing again later that day.

“We cannot thank Mark Rogan and his SCIGRIP Repair Team enough. We called on their help and bonding expertise many times during the event and with their support we were able to continue racing. We will be switching to SCIGRIP’s MMA products from now on. These products delivered rapid bonding power when we needed it the most”,
Eef Rothe, Skipper of the VHL Solar Boat Team.


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