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Williams Performance Tenders was founded in 2004 by brothers Mathew and John Hornsby along with business partner, Roy Parker.

Williams Performance Tenders was founded in 2004 by brothers Mathew and John Hornsby along with business partner, Roy Parker. Over the past decade the company has grown at an astounding rate following their launch of the world’s first 4-stroke Turbojet™ and Dieseljet™ range of tenders. Design excellence and a practical attention to detail means Williams is now recognised as the world’s leading jet tender specialist.  

Williams Performance Tenders enlisted SCIGRIP to assist them in the production of their Dieseljet 565 day boat. The 565 is one of the largest vessels in the Dieseljet range and can accommodate up to 9 passengers thanks to an expansive open deck area. Capable of functioning as a safe and practical tender, or a fast and fun waterski boat, it has a wide appeal.

Williams was seeking a high strength, tough UV stable adhesive to bond the 565’s helm console to her polyester deck. Reliable composite bonding would be essential in a vessel that will endure heavy loads, vibration fatigue and slam impact at speeds up to 36 knots. With these considerations in mind, SCIGRIP and Marineware (SCIGRIP’s UK marine distributor) worked closely with Williams to provide product guidance and technical support.

SG100 Series UV Methacrylate Adhesive was recommended for the task. With a newly formulated composition, the product delivers outstanding adhesion properties and requires minimal surface preparation prior to application. SG100 is non-yellowing, as well as UV resistant, perfect for Williams Performance Tenders striking white exterior and interior fittings.

To bond the helm console to the 565’s deck, SCIGRIP supplied SG100 in cartridges and the product was applied manually with applicator guns around the seam of the upright moulding. The console was then positioned on the deck and left to cure for 30 minutes. In house trials, with technical support provided by SCIGRIP, were then conducted to assess bond strength with impressive results.

To ensure every aspect of the Dieseljet 565’s construction meets the highest safety standards, all boats produced undergo rigorous testing procedures, both on and off the water. Approximately 40 boats have been been produced since the beginning of 2012.

Mathew Hornsby, Sales Director of Williams Performance Tenders, commented “Quality is integral to everything we manufacture to ensure our tenders perform to the very highest standards. The mechanical performance of the materials we use is therefore critical and SCIGRIP’s SG100 Series suited our needs perfectly. It is clearly formulated for the most demanding marine applications and delivers outstanding and tough final results.”

Key Features of the SG100 Series UV Methacrylate Adhesives:

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